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with Gina Fuschetto

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Spiritual guidance & wisdom, gifted from your higher self, through me, to you.

In this psychic reading experience, I tune into the energy of your higher self, and deliver spiritual insight, touching on any area of life you wish to focus on. Learn about your unique gifts, gain perspective on relationships, receive support in navigating transitions & challenges, and more. 

As a psychic soul reader, I tune into the unique energetic frequency that radiates from your higher self, and relay to you the spiritual guidance & wisdom you are meant to receive. These messages come through as vibrant symbolic visions, scene-like imagery, intuitive hits, and are chock full of

This offering is for anyone interested in...

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I approach my work with

firm intentions and moral codes.

I will...

... validate your intuition. A successful reading isn't one where I give you new information, but one where I help you realize you're already being divinely guided.

... show you the silver lining. I will help you realize that the things that feel like losses can become your biggest wins.

... remind you that you're magic. My gift is being able to see the light you bring to the world, and how you can use it as a super power, and apply it in your daily life.

I will not...

... dabble in fortunes and futures. I'm not interested in subscribing you to a set future, but rather, helping you navigate your own free-will with a clear connection to your higher self.

... pry into anyone's energy without permission. I respect energetic boundaries, and will only read those who provide direct approval.

... entertain dark or negative energy. I ground my readings in light and firm protection, and keep the experience upbeat and lighthearted, whether we address shadows or what makes you shine.

Client Reviews

"I had my reading with Gina almost a year ago and I STILL think about it to this day. Her ability to tap in and see things isn't just psychic, it's also very healing."

Mallory | United States
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