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Book a Clairvoyant Psychic Reading

with Gina Fuschetto

Reading Types

As a professionally trained clairvoyant psychic, I tune into your unique energetic frequency and relay to you the psychic guidance & wisdom you are meant to receive. These messages come through as vibrant symbolic visions, scene-like imagery, and are chock full of insights and messages, gifted from your higher self, through me, to you.


Full Psychic Reading

1 Hour | $130

In this psychic reading experience, I tune into the energy of your higher self, and deliver spiritual insight, touching on any area of life you wish to focus in on. Learn about your unique gifts, gain perspective on relationships, receive support in navigating transitions & challenges, and more.

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Alignment Check

30 minutes | $65

During your psychic, energetic check-in, I tune into the current state of your energy & experiences, looking at your energetic alignment to your higher self, and receive information about anything that might be getting in the way of you accessing your brightest light and fullest potential.


Past Life Reading

30 minutes | $65

Learning about your past lives can provide context in the challenges you are facing, direction on your life path, and point your towards the gifts and skills you have brought with you into this life. In this reading I tune into your soul history, and channel snapshots of the lives you have lived that are influencing your current life experiences.

Session Booking

Book Your Session

Select your session type below to book. All 1-on-1 sessions & psychic readings will be held over over Zoom. You will receive a link via email upon booking.