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Hello, my name is

Gina Fuschetto...

I am not your average psychic. I wasn't born "gifted", I've never seen dead people, and my journey to get here didn't begin with a life changing near death experience.

Rather, it began quite unspectacularly, with a depressed teen, who became an anxious adult, who refused to believe that life was meant to be lived with such unnecessary inner turmoil. It was this deep drive to find an explanation and solution for my mental chaos, that lead me to the astonishing discovery that I was psychic...


....and you are too!

It started with exploring religion & philosophy, looking for big existential answers to understand things like conflict and the search for inner peace, that lead me to taste ancient spiritual practices like shamanism, astrology, and meditation, which lead me to explore the science of energy. I absorbed every modality and viewpoint I possibly could, all the while taking note of the ways in which all of these different perspectives and practices connected. And what began as a humble search to simply calm my mind, lead me to learn a life-changing truth:


Humans are capable of WAY more than we've been lead to believe.

We have been so conditioned to put our entire sense of purpose in our physical experience, that we have completely lost the ability to know and understand ourselves as energetic, non-physical, spiritual beings. Once I began to view life as both a physical AND energetic experience,  I discovered that this term "psychic", this scary word with all it's evil connotations, actually  means "an ability to consciously interact with energy".  

And so, I learned how to be psychic, because I learned that I am energy, which means I can engage with and communicate with other energy. And if I, a formerly neurotic teen from New Jersey can learn this, so can you. 

XO Gina

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