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Mini Psychic


A full page of channeled psychic guidance, delivered in writing, directly to your inbox.

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$35.00 USD

What you receive:

  • psychic guidance channeled specifically for you

  • 2 -3 paragraphs answering this seasons question

  • delivered to your inbox within 72 hours

I developed these mini-psychic messages for those looking for a quick drop of psychic wisdom, or a touch-base with your higher self. 

When you purchase this digital reading, you can expect to receive your uniquely channeled, 2-3 paragraphs of psychic guidance to your inbox within 72 hours.

About my Reading Style:

As a professionally trained psychic, I tune into your unique energetic frequency, much like a radio, and relay to you the psychic guidance & wisdom you are meant to receive. These messages come through as intuitive knowing, and vibrant symbolic visions & scene-like imagery, that are chock full of insights and wisdom, gifted from your higher self, through me, to you.

Select your preferred checkout option, and provide the email you wish for me to contact you through. If it asks for a shipping address, please select "same as billing" and ignore. I do not intend on shipping anything to you :)

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