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with Gina Fuschetto

I tune into your unique energetic frequency & channel personally empowering & validating psychic messages.

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 Psychic Reading


As a professionally trained psychic, I tune into your unique energetic frequency, much like a radio, and relay to you the psychic guidance & wisdom you are meant to receive. These messages come through as vibrant symbolic visions & scene-like imagery, and are chock full of insights and wisdom, gifted from your higher self, through me, to you.

A psychic reading is perfect if you...

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want to know the gifts and light you are bringing into the world

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need help navigating a challenge or sticky situation

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are facing a life-change, a crossroads, a career move, or are approaching retirement

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could use psychic guidance in navigating love & relationships

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are overwhelmed by too many external voices and opinions and need help hearing your inner truth

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"I had my reading with Gina almost a year ago and I STILL think about it to this day. Her ability to tap in and see things isn't just psychic, it's also very healing."

Mallory | United States

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10% of psychic reading bookings will be donated to one of the following organizations.

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Working to end playspace

inequity by uniting with communities to build kid-designed playspaces.

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Breaking down gender, race, age

and poverty barriers to mentor the next generation of writers and leaders.

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Transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.


Providing mental health treatment for soldiers, veterans, and families suffering from the hidden wounds of war.

If you would like to choose which of the four organizations your purchase will be donated to, please let me know prior to your session.

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Schedule Your Psychic Reading

Upon booking your session, you will receive an email with a link to access your zoom space at the time of your reading.