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Gain inner clarity & awaken spiritually, when you tap into the magic of the psychic imagination.​​

hi! i'm gina.
I am not your average psychic.
I wasn't born "gifted", I've never seen dead people, and my journey to get here didn't begin with a life changing near death experience.

Rather, it began quite unspectacularly, with a depressed teen, who became an anxious adult, who refused to believe that life was meant to be lived with such unnecessary inner turmoil. It was this deep drive to find an explanation and solution for my mental chaos, that lead me to the astonishing discovery that I was psychic...


....and you are too!

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We're all a little psychic.

All humans are born with innate psychic senses. More commonly known as "extra sensory perception", these senses give us the ability to perceive the unseen. We use these energetic senses every moment of the day, from the thoughts that pop into our head, to the gut feelings that sit in the pit of our stomach, the vibe that feels off, or the dreams that visit us at night. All of these are examples of receiving information from energy.

Literally, everything is energy.

While it would appear that we live in a physical world, the truth is, what we see is simply a projection of an energetic reality. Everything around us is energy. This is science. To be psychic is to be consciously aware of this, and actively engage with the world through an energetic lens. That can look like anything from learning how to clear negative energy from your personal space, to reading the energy of people, places & things around you. All accomplished by learning how to utilize your god-given energetic sensors.

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Gina Fuschetto is a professionally trained clairvoyant & intuitive psychic, helping you hear the voice of your higher self through empowering psychic readings & spiritual guidance.

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Bring spiritually expansive, in-person experiences, like guided clairvoyant meditation or psychic development classes, to your yoga studio, lifestyle shop, retreat space, or next community gathering.

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In this workshop series, you'll learn the basics of what it means to be psychic, how to use your third eye as a psychic channel, and journey through the mind's eye to connect with your inner spirit.

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Gina Fuschetto is a trained clairvoyant psychic & intuitive creative, from the northeast United States, with an eclectic background that bridges creativity & spiritual expansion. Driven to help humans thrive, she uses her skills as creator, mentor & channel to guide clients to become their own self-healers, and tap into their soul-level potential. Learn more about Gina and her spectrum of offerings at

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