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Gain inner clarity & awaken your spiritual self, when you tap into the magic of your psychic mind.


"All humans are born with god-given psychic senses. I'm here to teach you how to use them. "

~ Gina Fuschetto

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Tap into these expansive offerings...

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Psychic Activations

In this workshop series, you'll learn the basics of what it means to be psychic, how to use your third eye as a psychic channel, and journey through the minds eye to connect with your inner spirit.

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Clairvoyant Meditations

Clairvoyant meditations utilize the mind's eye to guide you through vivid imagery to manage your energy, conjure psychic visions & connect with the spiritual world using the power of the third eye.

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1-on-1 Sessions

Gina Fuschetto is a professionally trained clairvoyant & intuitive psychic, helping you hear the voice of your higher self through empowering psychic readings & spiritual guidance.