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Gain inner clarity & awaken spiritually, when you activate the portal of the imagination.​​

I'm Gina Fuschetto & I teach people how to use the mind's eye as a tool to regulate mental health, and receive insights, ideas, and spiritual guidance.

The imagination is widely misunderstood as merely a channel for creativity, escapism, and "made up things". And while this much can be true, this powerful piece of biological technology comes with a whole toolbox of additional untapped features. An energetic sensor, and a psychic channel, the imagination has been long understood by sages of old to be a doorway to unseen realms and a direct line to the human psyche. 

Unfortunately, thanks in part to an overstimulating external world, we've let go of the wheel within our minds, leaving us feeling mentally crowded, emotionally chaotic, and energetically drained.

Through my experience as a professional clairvoyant psychic, I've learned how to take the reigns back within my own, once out-of-control, headspace and now I'm guiding people to do the same through psychic workshops, meditations & 1-on-1 sessions. 

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Soul Psychic Readings

As a professionally trained clairvoyant and intuitive psychic, I tune into your unique energetic signature, and help you hear the voice of your higher self.

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Tap into the psychic channel of your imagination through workshops that teach you how to take back your headspace, and reclaim your superpower.

Bring spiritually expansive, in-person experiences, to your yoga studio, lifestyle shop, retreat space, or next community gathering.


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