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with Gina Fuschetto

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Host a class, workshop, or psychic circle in your community.


I've crafted spiritually expansive, in-person programs that give people the opportunity to experience what it means to be psychic, and develop their own psychic skills. These offerings are perfect for:

  • Yoga Studios

  • Spiritual Lifestyle Shops

  • Retreat Centers 

  • Wellness Conferences

  • Moon Circles

  • Company Lunch & Learns

  • Friend & Family Gatherings

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Birthdays

  • Special Events

Bring Clairvoyant 
Meditation to Your Space

Clairvoyant meditation is a powerful tool, utilizing the psychic channel of the mind's eye, to move and manage energy. As a clairvoyant meditation teacher, I guide practitioners to use the portal of the psychic imagination to:

  • regulate their nervous system

  • clear negative energy

  • shift their mindset

  • manifest

  • manage mental health

  • connect with their higher self

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Host Psychic Development Classes

Become your own psychic & healer when you learn to access and expand your psychic senses through my psychic development classes. I guide you to activate your natural energetic sensory system, as you learn to view & process life through an energetic perspective. These classes will teach you how to: 

  • maintain energetic boundaries

  • master your intuition

  • read your own energy

  • receive psychic messages

  • be your own energetic healer

Curate Seasonal

With the harmonious cycling of the seasonal, astrological, and lunar calendar, comes a constantly changing energetic landscape. Through custom, collaboratively crafted workshops, we can curate spiritual wellness programs that support your community, seasonally. My seasonal workshops can include:


  • clairvoyant meditation,

  • channeled spiritual guidance

  • writing prompts

  • psychic healing tools

Moon Stages
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Book a Group Psychic Reading

Receive psychic guidance in communion with peers, family & friends. During this in-person, group reading, I will tune into the unique energy of each individual, and channel through the psychic information that is meant to be received for each person.  Group experiences include: 


  • an opening intention setting

  • individual psychic readings

  • a closing energy healing meditation

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