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Image by Evie S.
Soul Psychic Readings

with Gina Fuschetto

Spiritual guidance, gifted from

your higher self, through me, to you.

1 hour Virtual Session | $110

During your Soul Reading we will connect with the energetic essense of your higher self & channel insights into your purpose, challenges, and divine potential. These messages come through as vibrant symbolic visions, scene-like imagery and intuitive hits that are chock full of wisdom. This experience is designed to provide clarity, insight, and a deeper connection to your inner self.

A Soul Reading is a safe and sacred space for self-discovery. I do not...

... Dabble in fortunes & futures.

...Pry into anyone's energy without permission.

...Entertain dark or negative energy.

The intention of this reading is to help you navigate your own free-will with a clear connection to your higher self. I respect energetic boundaries, and will only read those who provide direct approval. I ground my readings in light, and keep the experience upbeat and lighthearted, whether we address shadows or what makes you shine.

A Soul Reading is perfect if you...

...are at a crossroads, a challenging moment, or period of transition

...are feeling disconnected from your spiritual nature & intuition

...want to understand how you can apply your gifts in the world.

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