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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Using Your Psychic Senses

I used to suffer from high-functioning anxiety and depression. Meaning, on the outside you would have perceived me as completely fine, but on the inside I was a paranoid and unsettled mess. I would get hit with waves of emotional overwhelm, that would lead to panic attacks. My anxiety and sensitivity levels made it difficult to genuinely connect with people, so I felt incredibly, and constantly, lonely, no matter how many people we're around. And I'd become encumbered with depression phases that would make it difficult to leave the house.

In my teen and early adult years I would lean into words like "overly emotional", "too much", and "anti-social" because it felt better to claim labels and makes jokes about these conditions I suffered from before someone else could call them out. It was an attempt to control on the outside, what felt uncontrollable within.

When I went through my spiritual awakening, and I learned the truth about what I was suffering from. These intense emotions & mental chaos were a result of being an out of control psychic. I was energetically wide open, with no understanding of how to regulate these experiences, and this caused me to become incredibly disconnected from my higher self, with no guidance as to how to find my way back.

What I was experiencing was not unique. Anxiety, depression, anger, and burnout, are an epidemic in the modern world, where hustling is the baseline, projecting is a past time, and media is nearly inescapable. An intense pressure of energy is coming at us from every angle, no one knows how to process and regulate it, and the world is suffering greatly because of it. The solutions we have normalized are band-aids, and act more like a suppression system than they a resolution at the root of the problem.

On my own journey to find healing, I learned how to manage my energy from the psychic perspective, which not only resulted in calming my inner chaos, but altogether healed my anxiety and depression, and stabilized my moods. Most people think learning to work with energy is about learning to receive psychic messages. And while yes, that can be a part of tapping into energetic work, the real magic is in learning to, once and for all, regulate your mental health.

Below are the top 3 ways that learning how to manage your energy using psychic senses, can benefit your mental health.


Learning psychic skills gives you the tools to perceive energy. When you can sense energy, and know what it feels like to experience an energetic shift within yourself, you begin to understand the difference between being in your own energy, vs what is feels like to be affected by the energy of others. In the psychic space we call it "foreign energy". That is, any energy that is not our won. We pick it up in the spaces we walk into, from the people we engage with, and the media we absorb. Most humans are walking around collecting this energy without a second thought, and the result is a shift in mood and behavior. If you've every been around an overwhelming family member, and it's ruined your mood, you know what it feels like to take on foreign energy. The problem with that scenario isn't that your family member is "too much to deal with", it's that you have no boundaries, and you're letting their energy affect you. Learning that is often a hard pill to swallow, but the good news is, it means you actually have more control than you realize. It's genuinely possible to be in a room with overwhelming people, and not be completely exhausted by their energy. You don't actually have to suffer as an empath. And when you learn to perceive foreign energy, and manage your engagement with it, you learn how to control who and what affects you.


Another issue that arises when you don't know how to regulate your energy is, you end up carrying too much, from the foreign energy we collect in our boundaryless existence, to the karmic unhealed energy passed down from previous generations. It can get pretty heavy. Cliché phrases that represent what it feels like to hold onto too much energy are "emotional baggage" or "carrying the weight of the world". What happens when you're holding onto too much foreign energy? It's impossible to know what it feels like to be in yours, and you become further and further disconnected from your true self. Most people will spend their whole lives never knowing what it really feels like to be themselves. It's an unacknowledged modern tragedy, but it doesn't have to be this way. You don't actually have to carry it all. In fact, you're doing no one any favors by holding their energy for them. It's crushing you, and normalizes projecting energy, instead of sitting with discomfort and healing it. This is a major problem among family members, and often something unhealed parents do to their children. With each generation, the energy compounds, and the weight gets heavier. So for your own mental health, and the health of those you love... learn how to let it go. Easier said than done, I know. But it's possible, and gets a heck of a lot easier, when you practice tools to manage your energetic senses.


We all know what it's like to get triggered. Someone says something that upsets you and you snap back, or spiral internally. You watch an anger inducing news story, and it puts you into a stage of rage. No one gets to live life without being triggered. Which is okay, because we're on this planet to work through trauma and heal our pain, and getting triggered is an inevitable part of that process. However, triggers don't always have to be quite so explosive. One of the most beneficial aspects of learning to work with your energetic sensors, is that it makes you incredibly self-aware. You learn to know yourself, and the way your energy operates in the world on a very intimate level. You become familiar with what kind of energy affects you and why. Factor in your newfound ability to instill energetic boundaries, and release foreign energy, and you now have the skills to prevent triggers, or at the very least, process them before you project them back in the world. And that right there, is the formula for psychic self healing, and what it means to be a "cycle breaker".

If you feel ready to take the reigns of your energetic experience, and learn to use your own psychic senses to manage your mental health, I'm teaching you all of the tools I use and more in my upcoming workshop series, 'Awakening the Psychic Self', beginning this January, where I will teach you how to use the psychic technology built within you, and navigate life as an energetically conscious human.

January 19th - February 9th, 2023

Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm EST


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