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How I Discovered I Was Psychic & Tapped into My Natural Abilities

I find most people believe psychics start one of two ways... You are either born with "the gift". The child with super powers. The kid who sees dead people. OR, you come into it in a lightning bolt moment that changes you forever. In an instant, you are granted magic abilities, and life is never the same.

But that's not my story...


My story begins quite ordinarily. A teen, who was overcome with an overwhelming wave of emotions, and spent her early adult year struggling with high-functioning anxiety & depression. This made it hard for me to truly connect with others, and know my place in the world.

I was incredibly sensitive, and had no idea where the emotional waves came from. In a world where this seemed to be a common story, I normalized this way of being, and made detrimental assumptions that this was just who I am, and something I needed to learn how to live with.

And so did. Into my mid-twenties, I catered to my toxic mental health conditions, until overtime, I was truly sick and tired of the cycles that I couldn't seem to get myself out of.


When traditional therapy didn't seem to lead me to any conclusions or catalysts for change, I turned to personal studies of philosophy, religion, and spirituality. It was jumping down these rabbit holes that I began to realize, that the person I thought I was up until that point wasn't actually me, but a condition was clouding my life, and keeping me out of touch with my true self. In coming to this understanding, I was determined to uncover the version of me that was hiding underneath the filters of mental chaos and emotional overwhelm.

So I dove into anything that felt like it would peel back my layers. Opening myself to all kinds of modalities and practices, no matter how strange and foreign they seemed.


I had always viewed myself as someone who "couldn't meditate", because when your inner world is emotionally chaotic, attempting to sit in silence and empty your mind feels impossible. I thought that was the only way meditation was done. And I couldn't bear it.

Then I discovered, with the help of a spiritual teacher, guided journeying. This was meditation, but of a more visual form, that used the imagination, aka "the mind's eye", to lead you deeper into the self. As a natural born creative, and avid daydreamer, this version of meditation came much more easily. Within these meditative, vivid inner experiences, the voice of the teacher would guide me to "travel within" through different scenes, to meet different spiritual figures. Then the voice of the teacher would pause, and in that pause the journey would continue, and the spiritual figures would speak, sharing messages and wisdom that appeared to come me from somewhere beyond myself. After my first guided journey experience my mind was blown wide open with awe and possibility that there is more to life than the physical world we experience. What was this world I was tapping into? Where did these messages come from?


From here I became obsessed with playing within the visual inner world, and grew to understand this space as the psychic channel known as "clairvoyance" (aka inner sight). Within this psychic channel I explored energy, learned to connect with spiritual guides, explore past lives, regulate my own energy, and whatever else I could bring to the surface when I went within. With continued practice, I no longer needed the assistance of a teacher's voice, and learned to explore this inner world, tune into, and connect with all kinds of energy, and receive psychic information all by myself.

Churning my clairvoyant muscle had a ripple effect, and inevitably led me down the path of opening up to more of the psychic, energetic, intuitive senses that exist within all humans.


I had stumbled into a full-blown spiritual awakening. Learning how to use utilize my untapped psychic channels not only gave me some newfound abilities, but most importantly, provided me a solution to the issues that kicked off this journey in the first place. In learning how to navigate the world using psychic senses, and work with energy, I found solutions for the anxiety and depression that had riddled my adolescent and early adult years, and it changed the way I navigate life, and understood myself forever.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the different psychic channels and how we experience them daily.

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