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4 Psychic Senses You Didn't Know You Were Already Using

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

There are may ways to open ones-self up to receiving psychic messages, and tools to help humans tap in, like tarot cards & pendulums, but being psychic isn't about the tools, but about using your inner psychic channels to engage with, and receive information from energy.

While pop-culture makes us think being psychic is only for the exclusively gifted, the truth is, everyone has the psychic technology within them. It's called 'extra-sensory perception', also referred to as ESP, and it refers the the energetic sensing system built within us all. These energy sensors, aka 'psychic channels' are a key function in engaging with the world, and everything and everyone in it. We utilize them everyday, whether we are aware of it, or not.

There are 4 psychic channels, most commonly used by people, and professional psychics, daily. Read through each one below to learn about what they are, and what it feels like to experience them.

Clairvoyance: Inner Sight

Clairvoyance is the channel of inner sight and visions. This energetic sensor uses the third eye, a.k.a the minds eye, or what we most commonly know as the imagination. We get taught from childhood that the imagination is a place where we make things up, create, or escape within. And while that can be true, we miss one of the most important functions on this inner technology... Your imagination is a vivid and powerful psychic channel! This visual energetic sensor operates like a movie playing within your mind. When I do psychic readings and I'm utilizing my clairvoyant channel, messages come through in the form of scenes, symbols and images that are meant to be interpreted, much like a dream. In daily life, we receive more psychic information through our mind's eye than we realize. Perhaps it's time to pay more attention to our daydreams, and open ourselves us to the wisdom stored within them.

Clairaudience: Inner Hearing

Clairaudience is the channel of inner hearing. Most people think using this energetic sensor is like hearing with your ears, and while that can happen, clairaudience is most often experienced as an inner voice within the mind, which is why it's sometimes considered a sister-sense to clairvoyance. Experiencing clairaudience in daily life can be much like an inner narrative, or getting a song stuck in your head. In a psychic reading, I will hear phrases and statements that are intended to be relayed to my client.

Claircognizance: Inner Knowing

Claircognizance is the channel of inner knowing. Receiving energetic information through this energetic sensor can feel like an instant download of facts into ones awareness. When I'm in a psychic reading and I'm using my claircognizant channel, I will appear to be rambling and speed talking, whipping information seemingly out of thin air. Using the claircognizant channel in daily life is incredibly subtle, and feels like an instinct, or an intuition, as if you just know something deeply, without any awareness of where the information came from. For this reason, claircognizance can be the most difficult to tap into.

Clairsentience: Inner Feeling

Clairsentience is the channel of feeling. When activated, this energetic sensor comes in waves of physical feelings, such as goosebumps and unsettled sensations within the stomach, or emotional feelings, such as joy, anxiety, peace & fear. This channel, also commonly identified as 'intuition', is the most commonly used by humans on a day to day basis. Those who consider themselves 'highly sensitive' or 'empaths' are walking through life with this channel wide open. This means they can feel the energy of others on a physical and emotional level, which can often be an overwhelming experience, and is why it's so important for your mental health to learn to regulate this channel. In a psychic reading, I will use this channel to deepen my understanding of the person I'm connecting with by opening myself up with what it "feels like" to be in their shoes.

These 4 psychic channels detailed above are built within all humans, and are constantly active as we navigate our day, whether we know it or not. It's how we perceive, and receive information about the world around us. Becoming psychic, is learning how to take the wheel, and utilize these senses consciously, instead of walking around on auto-pilot. That's why using your psychic senses is so much more than just receiving psychic messages, it's about waking up to the world around us, gaining a deeper understanding of our experiences, and learning how to regulate ourselves, and our emotions, on an energetic level.

If you're interested in learning to use your own psychic senses, join my upcoming workshop series, 'Awakening the Psychic Self', beginning this January, where I will teach you how to use the psychic technology built within you, and navigate life as an energetically conscious human.

January 19th - February 9th, 2023

Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm EST


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