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"Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows": My 2023 Mantra

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

As we enter into 2023, I'm revolting against the idea of resolutions, because I've learned time and time again, that the goals we place for ourselves are often tainted by our traumatized human brains. I've set endless goals for myself, and more often than not, they shape-shift into something entirely different. In my experience, the end result is often way better than what I initially imagined. But as humans do, we shame ourselves for not sticking to the rigid resolution we set at the start of the year, instead of seeing the blessing in the unexpected manifestation we ultimately received.

So this year I'm taking a different approach, and leaning more into mantras and intentions that I can hold close to my heart, no matter which direction my life shifts.

My 2023 mantra is....


The art of focus is one of life's greatest secrets that we often gloss over, because it feels too simple, or too good to be true. But your 'attention' and 'focus' is your most powerful, and most underutilized tool in your toolbox. Yes, hard work can pay off. But hard work without the act of focus will have you spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere.

This isn't the kind of focus that keeps you sitting in front of your computer, checking off your to-do list, attempting to live up to standards of productivity. I'm talking about the kind of focus that aims your arrow at a broader target, and leaves room for the influence of divine forces.

It's not my first time working with this focus. In fact, this concept of focus is the key that unlocks my ability to perform an accurate psychic reading. The reason I can sit in a loud, crowded room, and channel psychic messages for a single individual, without getting mixed up in everyone else's noise and energy, is because I turn my focus away from the distractions, deeply place my attention on the person sitting in front of me, and their energy flows toward me. With it, the information they are meant to receive in the reading.

Humble brag, I've never performed a bad psychic reading. Not because I'm some flawless wizard, but because I trust the functionality of focus. It works every time.

Now I ask, if focus can make it possible to perform a successful psychic reading, what kind of energy can focus draw into your everyday life?

Perhaps you'd like to join me in putting this mantra to the test for yourself.

Wishing you a happy and fulfilling step into the new year.

x Gina

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